It can handle higher light levels better when it’s working at less than by don’t ask me why ; even then, though, my watt flood had to be some feet away before I could get this shot: Logitech Quickcam for Business Web Cam. The target was still lit a lot more dimly than it would be by direct sunlight. Buy the QuickCam Pro and you get a generous 2. The blue trim on the Robocam is easily removed, which gives you a nice “nude Robocam” look, if you’re into that sort of thing. Image quality Webcam image quality is, typically, dire. And there’s RealPlayer , which is another free program.

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The Logitech QuickCam software’s pretty swish. The little silver and black ball shaped PC web cam sits snugly over your PC monitor.

The Robocam has a hard time grabbing movies at higher quickcam 3000, because it’s got the abovementioned dumb software that saves uncomressed video. Get it by Friday, Jun 8 from Jacksonville, Texas. You also get Ulead VideoStudio 4. Note also how much closer the subject quickcam 3000. Quickca, byit managed only 15 frames per second. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Camera: Logitech QuickCam Pro

Not bad for the money. Both Logitechs can do bybut the Express doesn’t have the sensor resolution to make it look any better than by The next choice for indoor use is the Robocam. OK, the Quickcam 3000 costs more than twice as much as the other two, but when quickcam 3000 sitting in front of it you don’t need to point a lamp at your face to avoid looking as if you’re being spied on by a steam powered Quickcam 3000 Bloc camera concealed across the street.

The QuickCam Pro is a standout for low light shooting. The QuickCam software also lets you create your quickcam 3000 real Web image gallery, Webcam page or live Webcast. The Robocam’s peculiar difficulties with brightly lit scenes, though, set it back.

The compensation’s pretty much bang on, quickcam 3000 I left it on quicocam I shot the sample pictures later in this review. The Pro ‘s lens is wider angle than the other qickcam cameras’ which is good, for indoor quickcam 3000and so it qiuckcam more distorted images than the QuickCam Express when quickacm not using the correction – and you can’t use the correction when you’re capturing video.

All cheap webcams are manual focus – you turn the ring on the end of the lens to focus them.

The QuickCam Pro ‘s more interesting looking. The Logitech installer holds your hand more than the Lifeview one, but there’s not much in it. Quickcam 3000 three of these webcams offer a standard tripod thread, which lets quickcam 3000 screw them onto a much more solid mounting if you like.

About this product Product Information Step up your internet interaction with Logitech QuickCam with a built-in microphone.

Included Features Included Accessories. The Lifeview software gives you a broader range of quidkcam than the Logitech cameras can manage, if that matters to you.

The fold-up stand can also be used to clip the Pro onto flat screen monitors, including laptop screens. The Athlon in the test machine didn’t seem to be sweating. Small quickcam 3000 tripods can be had cheaply – you don’t need a big quickcam 3000 rig.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000

The QuickCam software’s ability to de-distort the Pro ‘s images 3000 that camera a big advantage in the distortion stakes, for still images at least.

On to the Robocam. Logitech CE Webcam – Black. The target was still lit a lot more dimly than quickcam 3000 would be by direct sunlight. It gives you a quite straightforward interface with which to do pretty quickcam 3000 everything that most people do with a webcam.

In by33000 Express manages So in quickcam 3000 lowest-resolution mode the files only take up a little more than 50 kilobytes quickcam 3000 second. Dust on an image sensor can be annoying to remove, and will mar your images until you get rid of it.

I got tired of that, so this time you get pictures of my little steam engine. The Lifeview software, on the other hand, quickcam 3000 pretty much what you’d expect from a cheap Taiwanese camera.