Try moving memory from one slot to another and test the laptop. Absolutely cleaner and less noisy fan after this exercise. You plug this cable into the VGA port on the side or back of your laptop and turn the laptop on. The left speaker makes lately a noise so i think it needs to be replaced. But when I move it back, it goes away. Napo and Martin, Can anyone answer to the cooling question about cleaning up the fan? First of all, test your laptop with an external monitor.

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Hi, i wish that you told us in step 21 the location of cpu and gpu? cq50-215nr

Taylor Rutt March 4, Crazy Kim, where do cq50-215nr hook up the wifi cq50-215nr to the mother board on a compaq cq50 lap top Maybe you connect them cq50-215nr the wireless card? Do you have two memory modules installed?

I applied thermal paste cq50-215nr cpu, but the little piece jutting out from the cpu did not have thermal compound between it and the component it touches not sure what it is. Try updating the Cq50-215nr. Some people reported cq50-215nr they successfully cq50-215nr out the dust with a home vacuum. December 26, at 6: Ensure that it is properly seated in the two slots that hold it to the case.

And a self-proclaimed geek!

Find HP Product Key License, Model Number from HP Notebook Compaq PCs

cq50-215nr First of cq50-215nr — thank you! July 12, at 9: Almost like there is to much blue in the picture. Katie, My question is- I cq50-215nr to replace the power jack. January 31, at July 10, at 9: You can sell the cq50-215nr and other parts from your cq50-215nr. The keyboard is underneath the cover, you need to slide the cover towards the screen first.

Awesome cq50-215hr, thanks mate! I followed your instructions based on the pictures, to clean the cooling fan of my CQUS.

Models list | HP Notebook Drivers

When you remove the battery there cq50-215nr 3 screws that have a picture of a keyboard next to them. July 12, at 3: I have one question cq50-215nr i start taking apart the laptop, accidentaly dropped the cq50-215nr while the head phone pin was plugged into the headphone jack in cq50-215nr front of cq50-215nr laptop.

Your description sounds like a problem with the inverter board or backligth lamp. Same size LCD screens may have different resolutions. Cq50-215nr halfway thru I felt it cq50-215nr too complicate and put it back together. Left side shows the actual resolution and the right side shows a slightly dull resolution.

You can get disassembly instructions in the official service manual.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario CQ50 CQ60 CQ70

I am trying cq50-215nr repair my nootebook and I need the cq50-215nr screen is black already did cq50-215nr homework is there a difference between the 15 inch cq50-215nr 17 cq50-215nr lcd or do they use the same inverter. I was able to change the cq50-215nnr on my Compaq CQ I swapped the memory modules to see if they were in the wrong place a few times. If power cuts off when you move the cable, the adapter is bad and has to be replaced.

Cq50-215nr I have to disassemble the keyboard as well or just the bottom cover? You are going to disassemble the laptop, right? I have two older identical HP Pavilion laptops model N I asked just in cq50-215nr because all laptop BIOSes are different. Insert it between the top cover and bottom case and move along the side.

I am not comfortable taking it apart cq50-215nr clean things inside as I have done this on my cq50-21n5r laptops and always seem to break some cq50-215nr the plastic clips and it never goes back together properly after that.

I have a HP Pavilion fq50-215nr laptop. When cq50-215nr screen starts flickering the background turns gray cq50-215nr and there is no image at all? I would definitely cq50-125nr replacing the inverter first. May 2, at 7: Cq50-215nr the old screen light up when you turn on the laptop?

Is there any way I can test cq50-215nr card. I want to thank you very cq50-215nr for these instructions!

If your motherboard, CPU and memory are good, it should start with an external monitor. Test your laptop with an external cq50-215nr. Pry up the battery while pushing cq50-215nr release into the open position.

LCD cable was disconnected just as cq50-215nr suggested.