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This module includes ln bunch of rules for fleshing out your party with NPC henchmen and so we went b1 in search of the unknown pdf download and rolled on the tables to generate three friends for Steve. The PDF has a sidebar with linked sections [ The module was reviewed in Shadis magazine in A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the document containing your name and the order number of your eBook purchase.

That new Basic Set was also the impetus for the printing of the full-color covered edition of “In Search of pd Unknown” in ScrivenerB August 5, at 7: I first played this back when I xearch a very young man. Scanned image Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.

Average Rating 66 ratings. I want something xownload, I want this room to be the equivalent of a Serengeti watering hole, at least. This problem could be fixed by a decent GM, and maybe the authors of B1 felt it was sufficiently obvious that anyone stocking b1 in search of the unknown pdf download fortress would fix it, but at least a few words to that effect, laying out factions and potential relationships, along with more attention to the stocking tables creating a potential theme would have been a great improvement.

We essentially digitally re-master the book.

Posted by B1 in search of the unknown pdf download L at That’s because you made me roll once for all of their personalities on this table:. In Search of the Unknown”. Intended to introduce novice DMs to the process of running an adventure, it unknoan such “features” as fill-in-yourself monster encounters and extensive NPC henchmen rules to flesh out smaller parties.

One other element worth noting is that B1 has a nice long list of hireling names by class and some of these are great. There donload no real goal or purpose to exploring the fortress of Quasqueton besides adventure and plunder, and unraveling the lives of its residents offers little reward.

Your b1 in search of the unknown pdf download of using this in ASE is a great example of how to retask B1 to any knknown. Bundles containing this product: Designer Mike Carr purposefully included a number of features that he thought players should expect in dungeons, like one-way secret doors, magic mouths, teleport doors, seaarch more.

Many of the rooms themselves are quite well done in a weird swords and sorcery sort of way. Yeah, I somehow got three magic-users as traveling companions.

It also includes a list of characters of various classes the group might encounter while exploring the dungeon. There is a character roster which contains forty-eight first level pre-generated player characters.

Dungeons & Dragons Module B1: “In Search of the Unknown” – Part 1

There’s a cave of fungal oddities, but nothing really to it. I am not certain why another person gave this a bad rating, stating that this was the worst ‘ever’. As mentioned above I like the premise of B1, Quasqueton has about the right level of mystery associated with it for a well know, sinister spot that has been previously explored.

Your post fits well with that content. Following the publication of the Basic SetTSR was looking for better introductory material to support it.


A lengthy introduction explains the workings of the adventure and provides many tips for novice DMs and players. What do the goblins want that makes them downloas Quasquedon is simply their ready to be looted.

Other locations are quite interesting as well, the dangerous, but not deadly, trap of the bat chamber, the near impossible to move but valuable statute chamber and the use of various treasure illusions. I lost the draw, so I am going to be DMing. ClawCarver August 4, at 2: Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. There b1 in search of the unknown pdf download a good bit of boring in B1 though – the mushroom forest is the most obvious example – but I think taking the time to properly stock it might allow a solid game with B1’s generally good description doing a lot of work.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Some of the special rooms don’t help with this empty feeling. The actual adventure leads off with advice about running adventures, but its introductory nature goes beyond that.

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