As the lid is high-gloss finished, unfortunately clear fingerprints remain on the beautiful surface and after only a short time fingerprints are all that’s left. It is very durable and provides ample protection for the laptop. In addition a lower development of temperature and noise. Also when it comes to the development of temperature the G doesn’t escape criticism. In addition the bass is orderly discernable and present, but also intermeshed some of the time.

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Acer Aspire 5739G review

acer 5739g It is already noticeable after a few hours of use that the G’s fan is practically in continual use and also runs audibly. Thus the fan of acer 5739g test device began 55739g unpleasantly pulsate after a few hours of loud.

Overall the application performance is very good for an entertainment notebook of this price class. A glossy Super-TFT screen coating is in place, acer 5739g it isn’t too distracting. It has a decent set of expansion ports; the only things you might miss are an ExpressCard slot acer 5739g Bluetooth.

Quality journalism is paid by advertising. The display doesn’t present itself quite as stable and shows possible image distortions under pressure.

It’s not quite as busy as some models we’ve seen and it’s well built, although the lid isn’t as rigid as we’d like. Furthermore the P is indeed relatively low-clocked at 2. The latest 3DMarkVantage benchmark test also 57339g PhysXwhich naturally grants acer 5739g advantage for the Nvidia graphic cards. While you will struggle to play the most demanding games, slightly older acer 5739g run without issue and you’ll certainly have no problems editing digital photos and videos.

Acer’s G uses the full width of its case for the keyboard and acrr keypad. Adblock users see more ads.

Acer Aspire G – External Reviews

However what is Call acer 5739g Juarez in comparison to the top dog Crysis. The rear side is however free from connections, as the complete width is engrossed by the acer 5739g ” Tuba”-subwoofer. Left 4 Dead is indeed based on Valve’s Source engine.

Thereby the keys are on the one hand relatively slipperywhich surely won’t please everyone. Please share our article, acer 5739g link counts! Yet unfortunately the G disappoints acer 5739g that effect. The Aspire G also grants a restricted mobile use being equipped with a 45Wh battery. acrr

Review Acer Aspire 5739G Notebook

As the acer 5739g is high-gloss finished, unfortunately clear fingerprints remain on the beautiful surface acer 5739g after only a short time fingerprints are all that’s left.

This website uses cookies. Adblock users see more ads. As mentioned the loudspeakers could indeed be very good for a notebook, in comparison with a acer 5739g system the G can of course not keep up at all. Our Mavo Monitor meter gave a maximum of The inner side of the display lid is presented in a black high gloss and to that effect becomes dirty just as quickly. As usual, plastic is used as the main material, but this in an almost high qualitative way.

Our Verdict Impressive portability combined with great multimedia acfr and usability. That’s enough to keep Windows 7 Home Premium feeling acer 5739g and acer 5739g, and to dispatch most applications without breaking a sweat. Furthermore the bass is comparatively weak and too spongy. The keys’ action is light and but feedback is a bit weak. The positioning of the connections has really pleased us on the whole, as most and the most important cables can be uniformly connected on the left side.

Finally a longer battery life, acer 5739g for DVD playback. In case it’s not stated, the deployed resolution was x pixels. That is, however, criticism on a high level. An expensive, but otherwise good all-round laptop.